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Agree with joshboy101 - publish it for Android and iOS as it's good. The animations are good, the concept is unique and it's fun and funny!

I am never eating Tacos again.

catamin responds:

Thank you! I'll think about it. Actually I don't think I ever tried a taco. They must be delicious. *__*

Short, but fun with good music, voice acting and a strong visual style you would almost think this was a game.

But you would be wrong. There is no game.

Okay, I LOVED the beginning concept, especially when it almost started to feel like you were seeing yourself in the forest (kinda like a future echo idea - what your future self does you see, so you alter your behaviour and it ripples down the line). There isn't enough game element at the moment, choices need adding in etc, "spacbar" needs changing to "spacebar" and some slight graphic improvements to improve the atmosphere might help a lot.

BUT (and it's a J-Lo size butt), that you did this in 14 hours to see if you could, got something functional at the end of it which has atmosphere, a structure, charm and potential to become something pretty good is amazing! I hope you keep working on this as I'd love to see it as a fully made up game :)

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Love it (and not just because I have a soft spot for Lazy Town). It really feels different, some interesting moods in the track. Would love to have it on our Youtube review for a great example of Newground goodness!

k7g4p11 responds:

If you want to include it in your video, feel free to do so. :)

Loooove it! It's got a nice mix of bouncy and melancholy, kind of like the Silent Hill theme if it was given some prozac :)

I love this. It's beautifully arranged and well-paced. I would 100% use this for a thought-provoking horror game or in one of my reviews.

Actually, I like it so much I will use it in my review (with link and info of course) if that's okay with the creator?

Lone-X responds:

It is fine. I replied to your message! There IS beauty in darkness. I am looking forward to your review!

Peace and love,
Lone X

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Is that a lightbulb filament? I love this! The cross-hatching is good especially made in biro. :)

KinietisDobe responds:

yes my man, that is a light bulb headed creature. thank you for the nice opinion, you made my day i little brighter ;D

I make geeky stuff, horror and similar. I draw, sketch and do a bit of colour and 16bit character work purely for my own amusement. I also write stuff. Hate raisins.<3 tea.

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