Muchos busy

2016-12-05 12:34:23 by DM-Jo

Between prepping 'The Best of Newgrounds' youtube episodes (coming out in the new year), livestreaming (find us on and sorting out new reviews and episodes on D&D for the Tenebris Play channel on Youtube, things have been busy.  Especially with working the convention scene and making creepy latex models of human hearts (they're purses and horror props.  I <3 them).  


Next year is already set to be the busiest one I've ever worked, but it should be the coolest one - so many games, so little time.


Game On,


Dungeon Master Jo

Guess what?  No, really just guess.






Fine.  We at the Tenebris Play Youtube and Twitch channel are starting a Newgrounds-specific Best of channel!  We look through the output, regardless of time on site and pick things from all categories that we feel to be exemplars of Newgrounds!  


The assets for creating the episodes are in place, we just need to finalise what we're putting in for the first one!  It's tough as there's so much to choose from, so let us know whathas caught your eye - it might get in and you may get a mention!


You can find us as  on Steam as Dungeon Master Jo and on here as DM-Jo  :D

Hoping to have a working game ready to release by the end of next week (wish me luck!) and if this test works out well then we'll be sticking with Construct2/RPGMaker Ace VX for our next few games.


Team Pantsu